Good morning! How has your holiday week been? I really hope that it has been great. For me, this week has been full of ups and downs. My emotions are still a roller coaster, but the hunger is back – the hunger for God, for His future for me and for the vision He has for my life.

You know, there are prophets and there are gifts of prophecy, but above all YOU have the Holy Spirit. The spirit of prophecy lives inside of you, and He is your guide in life.

On Monday a friend told me about this prophetic vision: “Tommy, I see a picture of how your tears are turning into diamonds that God is putting on a scale.” I didn’t think about it much at the time, just that it was a nice picture. But then yesterday when I was praying I was reminded of a certain book. I only ever read books that the Holy Spirit gives me a desire to read. I had even tried to read this book last Spring but it just made me tired. But yesterday the Holy Spirit drew me to the book, then pointed out a chapter that seemed to jump off the page, and I could hardly believe it when I read the first sentence. It said that “God turns your tears into diamonds.” It was nearly the exact words from the prophecy I had received. So I read the rest of the chapter, which described the situation I have been in and gave me enormous encouragement.12487287_943682745679036_1714717888004863794_oWhat are the chances that the picture that my friend gave me and the words used to describe it would show up a few days later in the chapter of an American book?

Like I said, this week has been a bit unusual. In fact, I have prayed for things that have come to pass two minutes later! It has been a week of surrendering to God. God is God. I feel like Job. I have talked about God, discussed him, and tried to explain things that I simply cannot fathom.

Another example is that the day before New Year’s Eve, I had a strong sense that I should call a friend whom I only call a few times a year, a mighty prophet of God. When I told him what God had told me to ask him about, he said that my call and what I was asking about was a major answer to prayer.

I am writing this to encourage you! Yes, Jesus has given us prophets and the gifts of prophecy so that they will serve the body of Christ, but remember that you have received the Holy Spirit, the spirit of grace, on the inside! God wants to speak directly to you. Just learn to listen, and take time to listen, because you have it – it’s there!

If you involve God in your life, then he will take over! I prayed about a very specific thing last week, concerning another person. I really made some demands of God and told him I wanted an answer within two minutes. “And did you get an answer?” Yes! “Well, that is wonderful!” Yes, and I was absolutely stunned. But whenever God takes over, things get turned upside down, and I am not very patient. I want all the rest to happen NOW! But God has his own timing and I just have to adjust to that.

And besides, just because God answers is not the same thing as suddenly understanding exactly what he means! It is easy to fill in what God DIDN’T say, but I’ll save that for another day!

Have a great day!