Good morning,

The noisy air conditioner woke me up early today. During the crusade here in Ndola, Zambia we’ve been staying at a hotel built by the Brits a long time ago, and everything is quite old. It is a bit run down, but it’s clean, and the wonderful people here are doing what they can to fix what’s broken.

What I love about Africa is that in the midst of their misery and hopelessness, they still find joy. I always have a two day leadership seminar, and no matter what God gives me to speak about, all of the meetings contain faith, hope and love. Faith that with God’s help, everything can change, so have hope that all things are possible, and love.

Not everyone agrees with me, but in my experience the best “sanctification sermon” – you know, when you want people to set themselves apart for God, leave bad things behind them and live wholeheartedly for Jesus – is to preach faith, hope and the love of Jesus. I haven’t always done that, but when you realize what God has for you, what Jesus has done for you and really get ahold of faith, hope and the love of Jesus, then the rest of it will work itself out as well.

Like on Saturday, they really understood that God has prepared things for those he loves. “When God looks at you,” I preached, “he sees doctors, politicians, businessmen and teachers.” Because God sees your true potential. He sees who you are in him.

Publik pastorer copy 2I was thinking about this the other day. Not even my own mother could see that I would be doing what I do today! But God saw it. The same goes for you and the same goes for everyone, even if you live in a slum, it is still possible. What you see in your mind’s eye is the proof that you have it, the proof of faith, it is already in your spirit, stick to that vision, act like you already have it, and sooner or later, what has already happened in your spirit will manifest in the natural as well.

Good morning!