Good morning,

The war continues. 2000 years after Jesus gave us the great commission to reach all people groups, we still haven’t reached that goal. And the battle for your life, for your time and interests and focus, whether you want it to or not, is all a part of the war raging between light and dark. No one can just stand on the sidelines, no one can say they don’t want to be a part of it, because the war is global and every person is involved.

The spiritual dimension is here, it’s there, but you and I can’t see it. But what’s disturbing is that they can see us! It is amazing to think that spiritual beings are interested in you and me. There are many reasons for this, and one is that the world you and I live in is physical. If you want to interact in our world you have to do it through a physical body. If you want to lead people, you have to do it through a physical body. If you want to destroy humanity, you need a body.

God was born into the world, he became “flesh,” he received a physical body and he spoke to us and told us of his kingdom.

Whether you want to or not, in one way or another you are always handing over your body to either the light or the dark. The Holy Spirit and the other spirits are always going to try to gain access to your body. When you get baptized in the Holy Spirit, something enormous happens. The very Spirit of God moves into your spirit and is sealed within you. You are saved, and now God has made his dwelling in you through the Holy Spirit.

spsm1Baptism has two purposes. The first is the sealing itself, which brings you into the kingdom of God when you die. The other is that the Holy Spirit will affect the physical world through you.

This is what is meant by the “double exchange.” Jesus came, he spoke to us, but then he sacrificed his physical body for you. But his ministry and his mission have not come to an end. Now he needs a body – your body! Just as he gave you his body when he sacrificed himself for you so that you could come in contact with God and the Spirit of God, now he wants you to sacrifice your body to him.

One way to explain this would be to say that the powers of darkness operate at certain frequencies like lies, hate, bitterness, jealousy, greed, negative attitudes and emotions. You shouldn’t vibrate at those frequencies. You have to avoid it, and you may need help. One way is to never allow your thoughts to become “dark” without right away taking captive that thought and exchanging it for a Jesus thought.

When you allow Jesus into your life and when the Holy Spirit is not just the seal but also the one who has placed the seal, you can begin to operate at the frequencies of light like selfless love, humility and integrity. Yes, it is a process. But when Jesus comes into your life, he turns on the light and it becomes possible to renew your thoughts – over time. You exchange the dark thoughts for the thoughts of light, and you can do it! It works because you already have the foundation – the rest is just hard work.

The devil wants to steal your mood, he wants to push you down, and he wants you to be disappointed, so that you become jealous, depressed and start thinking the worst of others. He wants to push you down to the frequencies that he operates at! Don’t give him that chance. That is why Paul writes, “Rejoice in the Lord always,” no matter what happens, make sure you stay at the frequencies of light even when you are crying, even when the storm is making you anxious and when you don’t know what to do, don’t ever let go of love for the people around you.”

I am traveling a lot right now, and the latest crusade just came to a close. Jesus was there and his light, his presence lifted the people. The good news always lifts you, it opens up for the light, it shows you the way to the frequencies in life where love lives. It’s the love that believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things and bears all things. That love lives within you – let it out today!

Good morning,