Good Morning!

How are you? I hope you are feeling great. Today is more of a regular Monday for me. It has been a long weekend. I have been preaching the whole weekend and tomorrow I leave for Africa, so today I will mow the lawn, wash my car and just be “normal”. Tomorrow I leave for Livingstone and Victoria, twin cities on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It will be a busy program. I will arrive in the afternoon on Wednesday and have a meeting with a network of bishops from Zimbabwe who want me to have a crusade in their city. Then on Thursday we will have a military march at 2 pm and the mega-crusade starts up at 5 pm.

I have a team coming with me this time, and my daughter Rebecka (25) is one of them. I have asked her to preach in an African church on Sunday morning, and that’s something I am really looking forward to. My son Daniel (28) works in the IT sector and has a rapidly growing company. His level of expertise is way above mine, but I do know that they are responsible for the IT and computing solutions of some major companies.

IT is one thing; the Holy Spirit is another. Sometimes when I think about IT, my thoughts go to the book of Revelation, where it says that everybody will be able to see the image of the Beast. Could that happen via IT? Within only a few years from now, everybody will have a cellphone; everyone will be connected. God doesn’t need the Internet – he has the Holy Spirit. He can talk to everyone in his body at the same time via the Holy Spirit. But Satan is an angel. He can only be in one place at a time. So if Satan wants to connect to the entire population of the world at the same time, he has to create a system so that everyone can see his image and hear his voice. And to be honest, a lot a stuff that is shown on TV and on the web today is a reflection of the Beast.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit. Isn’t he wonderful? Today as you are reading my message to you, we are connected in two ways. Via IT of course, but that is not our strongest connection, since without electricity or IT our connection would be broken. But we have something stronger and better: We are connected in the Spirit. We are baptized into the same Spirit and that is why I can feel your heart today and you can feel my heart. Shaka!

My next book, ”Believing Faith” is scheduled for proofreading next week, and we also hope to publish ”The Creation Code” before Christmas. Two of our books, “Make Your Money Count” and “The Jews – Heroes of Eternity” are already available in our webshop. Have you read them? Here is some more information about them.



A Profound and Historically Accurate Account of the Past, Present and Prophetic Future of God’s Chosen People, the Jews… Heroes of Eternity.

Throughout the epochs of time, there has been a recurring theme that binds together and explains all of world history. That recurring theme is the Jews… God’s chosen people. Declared by God to be a “treasured nation among all peoples,” there has been much confusion and misinformation regarding the Jews, their eternal covenant with God and the essential role that the Jews play in the world events of today. This insightful book provides a factual and revealing look into the history of the Jews and this divine covenant which continues to play a significant role in the Middle East and around the world. The purpose of this book is to help you gain a better understanding of the past, present and future role of God’s chosen people, and to put current and future events into their proper historical and prophetic context. Learn what the Bible really says about God’s chosen people and the divine covenant that is still impacting world history today.

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“The Bible doesn’t say that poverty is something we should aspire to; neither does it say that prosperity is something we should fight against.”

This is not a book about different ways to give. It is a book about how to receive from God. Tommy Lilja will strengthen your faith as he provides clarity in understanding what the Bible teaches us about finances.

“Does Jesus really want you to be poor?” Tommy asks. No. And with the Bible as his basis for teaching, he will challenge you to “dare to think about yourself the way God thinks about you.”
This book is filled with remarkable examples from everyday life, and in it you will find practical advice for developing healthy and dynamic finances. This is where you will find answers on how to open up for an economic inflow. “In Christ you don’t get what you deserve; you get what Jesus deserves, and what He has earned for you.”

In the last chapter of this book you will find a prayer guide that will help you to pray for your finances based on the Bible’s teaching. This book gives you the Biblical guidelines to follow in order to truly “Make Your Money Count”.


With all that in mind, I just want to encourage you. The first thing so many Christians do in the morning is connect to the web. But the web will not connect you to God! Your first and best connection to the living God is the Holy Ghost, who lives in you, and you do it through Jesus Christ, your high priest in heaven!

Good Morning!