Good morning!
How are you today? I hope that you are doing well. No matter where you are right now or what you are doing, Jesus has a plan for your life, and the fact is that the Holy Spirit helps you to live in that plan even when your thoughts are somewhere completely different. The times that we stumble and make mistakes, right there in the middle of the mess we have made, God guides us toward the purpose we have in Him.

That is why life with God is an adventure that contains it all. From times of rest to times where we are thrown between hope to despair. But there is a captain in the boat, there is a CEO of the universe, and there is someone who is in control of everything – and that is God. God hears it all, sees it all, and knows it all. He has a completely different perspective on time than you and I have. You and I think temporary, in the here and now; God thinks eternity. That is why you won’t always understand everything that is happening, because our perspective is here and now, while God is thinking eternity.

Right now I am climbing up a big hill. I fell asleep in Europe yesterday, and today I woke up in the USA. There is a purpose in front of me, and sometimes I wonder if I really should start climbing up another hill – they get bigger each time! The hill takes you from one place to another, and even though you are walking in the power of God, you can still get tired.

The wonderful thing about a vision from God is that you are moving toward a goal that the Holy Spirit is confirming with his presence. But, a vision always starts with an uphill climb.

Is there anything good about an uphill climb? Yes – the uphill climb always ends with a downhill slope!

So if you are on your way up right now, don’t give up, keep going! Yes, I know that many times you can’t see the top, and you may have no idea how much further you have to go, but the alternatives, parking or going back down the same way you came – that’s just not you! You will keep going. You have it in you – you are a fighter!


“Father, in Jesus’ name, I pray right now for each person who is reading this blog. Thank you for encouraging them and giving them power to keep on going. Thank you Jesus that you live in us and that in you everything works together for our good.”

Good morning!