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“We are preaching our way forward, step by step, in closed nations, remote areas and in hostile places, village by village, city by city, until we have reached the entire world.”

Following Jesus with Tommy is one the most highly regarded TV programs being broadcast worldwide today. Each episode is an adventure, where you get to follow pastor Tommy out on the mission field, as he is fulfilling the commandment of Jesus along with you. Together with Tommy, you will evangelize in Israel, baptize in the Himalayas, cast out demons in Africa, rescue victims of human trafficking, plant new churches and become an integral part of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Every episode is truly an adventure with Jesus.

You can watch Following Jesus with Tommy on many Christian networks, along with the YouTube channel. Gather your friends and neighbors, get some snacks, turn on the TV, fasten your seatbelts and take off with Tommy on an adventure with Jesus to places the Gospel has never reached before.

How you can watch

Faith Broadcasting Network USA DISH TV Channel 269
– Monday 5.30 pm,Wednesday 3.30 am,Saturday 8.30 am EST

Faith UK TV Sky Channel 595

– Monday 2030 pm, Saturday 2100 am

Faith Africa DSTV Channel 341

– Monday 2030 pm, Wednesday 0330 am

Kanal 10 Sweden

Sunday 5am, 1pm
Thursday 9pm
Friday 5am,1pm
Saturday 9pm
Astra 4A Satellite
Apple TV

Thor Satellite and Canal Digital Cable Norway channel 97

Monday 7pm
Tuesday 12:30am
Wednesday 5:30pm
Friday 10:30am
Sunday 11am, 9pm

World Wide

Apple TV
Amazon Fire TV

Monday 7.30pm, Wednesday 00.00 am

Tuesday 23.30 pm, Wednesday 0730 am and 1530pm

FREEVIEW Channel 65
SKY channel 582
Monday 11.30am
Thursday 1830pm
Friday 1005am

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