Good morning! I hope I am finding you well. This week for our TV program “Watch and Believe” I’ll be filming a special episode we will call “Don’t fish in the bath tub.” For several years I have been filming a series called “The Gardener’s Bible School – teaching Biblical truths using examples from my garden.” The latest episode was about killing weeds. You can mow the lawn and you can use weed killers, but if you really want to get rid of the weeds, you have to pull them up by the roots. And once you’ve done that, you still have to keep their seeds from blowing onto your lawn! People who are bothered by demons can “mow” themselves by staying very disciplined, they can use medicine to keep the manifestations in check, but if people really want to get rid of the demons, they have to be cast out, pulled up by the roots and then they have to shut the door the demons had been coming through.

Today I will be preparing for our next episode and contacting my film crew about our plans for tomorrow. This episode isn’t really about gardening, but about trying to fish in my bath tub. I have asked a friend of mine if he could take me out in his boat to see if we have better luck catching something there than in the bathtub.

You, the church, are the most evangelized group in the world. The problem is that all of those fish have already been caught! If you want fresh fish, then you have to go where the fish are.

Here it is the season for fishing pike. They are predators and they can get pretty big. But for God, no fish is too big to be caught!

Next Monday I will write to you on my way to Jerusalem. Right now it is my favorite time of the week: morning coffee with my darling wife Carina.

Have a great morning!