Good morning,
How are you today? I hope God is spoiling you abundantly with his goodness. I’m actually on my way to Israel. Carina drove me to the airport early this morning and I will arrive in the late afternoon. Tomorrow we will record a TV-special for Daystar TV, and then in the afternoon I will have some meetings concerning all the Ukrainian Jews we are helping back to Israel.

Right now there is an emergency in Ashdod, in southern Israel. Rocket attacks have been targeting Ashdod for the past several weeks. This is a center of revival, and the church here doesn’t have a bomb shelter. What are they going to do if new Christians come to a service that gets interrupted by sirens warning of rocket attacks? If the church doesn’t have a bomb shelter, then the new Christians might not come back because they won’t feel safe. I am going to do what I can to help the church in Ashdod.

In my book “The Jews – Heroes of Eternity”, I present the full picture of why the Jews are the Jews, and how the first phase of the mission they have received from God was to give birth to Jesus, and the second phase is to receive Jesus when he returns.

When I visited Israel for the first time in 1996, I had a number of visions. In fact, as we were touring the area by bus I could see the future, how at the very end the Jews will come out of each house in Israel, with the war raging, and the only hope left is to look to their Messiah: if he doesn’t come now, it will all soon be over.

And that is when they will call on Him – “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”. And it’s then, when it’s all over, that heaven will disappear, and in the same way that he left he will come back again with all his angels.

My beloved, everything we do has this goal and purpose. The crusades, helping the Jews back to Israel, church planting, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit among the Jews in Israel, it is all striving towards the moment when Jesus comes back.

Please pray for my trip to Israel. We are baptized into the same Spirit, so we are in this together.

Best Regards in Jesus Christ
Pastor Tommy Lilja