Good morning. I hope that you are doing great. Today I want to share with you how important Israel and the Jews are to the heart of our ministry.

The Jewish people, the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem have fascinated people for thousands of years, and when I visited Israel for the first time several years ago, I too experienced a sense of the drawing power of the land and of the city. It was during this trip that a Bible passage from the prophetic book of Isaiah – verses that were previously unknown to me – suddenly came to life and I saw the Jewish people in their historical context. After this experience much of the direction of my calling as a pastor and church builder changed. The result of this was that our church and our ministry started Operation Great Exodus, an organization whose goal is to help Jews immigrate to Israel.

We have helped over 20,000 Jews – from where they have been scattered all over the world – back home to Israel. During certain times there are specific groups of Jews who are in more dire need of help than others. We have helped Russian Jews, Argentinian Jews, and Ethiopian Jews over the past 20 years, among many others.

Many top officials in Israel have recognized Tommy Lilja Ministries' Operation Great Exodus with honorary certificates over the years

Many top officials in Israel have recognized Tommy Lilja Ministries’ Operation Great Exodus with honorary certificates over the years

Right now it is the Ukrainian Jews who need our help the most. Right now in eastern Ukraine, trapped between the Nazi-inspired Ukrainian freedom fighters and the Russian anti-Semitic army, there are Jews who are stuck in the crossfire in this potentially deathly corridor. Our ministry has responded through Operation Great Exodus, and now every month we have been helping 100 Jews in danger in the Ukraine escape home to Israel, where they are welcomed and assimilated into Israeli society. We are going to continue to do this as long as there are Jews who need our help to flee to safety in Israel.

You can read more about our ministry’s heart for Israel in my book “The Jews – Heroes of Eternity,” that clarifies the Jewish people’s task in the history
of God reaching out to man with salvation. Consider joining us in helping the Ukrainian Jews in this prophetic hour by supporting Operation Great Exodus so that we can fly them home to Israel.


Have a great day!

-Pastor Tommy