Tree Water Dry
Good morning!
How are you – and how is your lawn? In my part of the country, this summer has been a perfect summer for lawns: a lot of rain and only a few short, dry periods. I’m not sure if the vacationers heading for the beach share my opinion! But you see, the only ones who really like long seasons of drought are demons. They like dry places more than anyone else. Why? Because water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Since creation, water and the Holy Spirit go together, all throughout Biblical history.

Water is to dry ground what the Holy Spirit is for a thirsty soul! Without water the soil will die. Nothing can grow without water. In the same way, the Holy Spirit is a necessity for spiritual life. In the same way that the dry soil soaks up the water, Jesus invites you to drink His living water.

As a matter of fact, there is a similarity between me and my lawn. We like water! My lawn loves the water from heaven, and so do I. The difference between me and my lawn is that my lawn needs continual replenishment of water, but from the day I drank from Jesus’ canteen, I’ve had a well inside of me that is overflowing with living water.

From another perspective, there are people around the world who are just like my lawn. They are always thirsty, and during dry periods the weeds take root and a battle starts between the grass and the weeds. God didn’t create us to be like that. We are created to carry his canteen inside of us. We are created to never dry up. We are created to have a continual flow of water on the inside. We are created to live in the anointing – not only once in a while – but always. That’s why it says that your leaves will never wither – instead you are supposed to be like a tree planted by the water. Always green, always flourishing and always fruitful.

Good morning!

Yours sincerely,