Good morning,

I’m sitting in the car on the way home after a long conference, thinking about life and the opportunities that sometimes arise in our lives. God has prepared something wonderful for you. Maybe you didn’t even see the surprise coming until it was right there, calling for you to come and get it!

When Jesus came walking on water, the disciples were terrified. It’s not always easy to recognize Jesus when life is tough, when you are tired and worn out, when exhaustion has set in. Peter reacted instinctively and called out: “Jesus is it you?”

You know, that’s actually the only question you have to ask once the opportunity is sitting across from you with a smile on its face, or when help is knocking at your door, or when you hear an inner voice telling you to do something you’ve never done before: “Jesus, is it you?”

If you feel, sense or hear the opportunity answering, “Yes, it’s me,” then let go of the oars, get out of the boat, and receive what Jesus is giving you!

Because if it is Jesus, then everything is prepared ahead of time. The clouds of problems that you see when you are sitting with the oars are clouds that will steal life from you. They want to keep you from what God wants to give you. Aim for the best, don’t be satisfied with less. Don’t look to the right or to the left, don’t think about whether the people around you are going to let go of their oars or not. Follow your heart, that inner voice, and even if the water is deep and you are far from land, take that first step anyway!

Good morning,