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Today I am in Israel on my way to Galilee, where I’ll be revisiting the children’s village that we support, Neve Michael. We help victims of trafficking and are responsible for many of the children there. Some of them are especially vulnerable and have been victims of incest. Can you imagine yourself in the situation of a child whose mother or father does things to them that I don’t even want to mention. The disappointment, the guilt, the shame. There’s a song that says: “As a child, you take love for granted.” And yes, children do, but how much worse, then, will their disappointment be?

Then tomorrow I’ll be meeting with Jews who have returned home to Israel, as well as part of the revival movement here. We will be filming for three days. The programs will be shown in the U.S. this fall. It is so important to tell about Israel, and about God’s plan for Israel and the Jewish people. In my book “The Jews – Heroes of Eternity” I explain these things in-depth, because once you get the whole perspective, then you understand why Israel is Israel.

Jews Cover

The first time I came to Israel in 1996 I didn’t know anything about the country. Then one afternoon in Jerusalem God’s light shone on Isaiah 49:22. I felt how my whole body became warm with the presence of the Holy Spirit. The following day I could see in my spirit how the hills around Jerusalem became settled – something that has happened now – and how the Jews stepped outside of their houses to call on the Messiah.

Whether or not you want it to happen, and whether or not you believe it will happen, Jesus is coming back. You can’t vote for him to stay away, it’s not a decision the U.N. can make, and it can’t be stopped by the E.U.

So why do the nations rage against Israel? Well, the battle is not against “flesh and blood” – it’s spiritual. The problem is – read Revelation 17 – that the leaders of the world have become one with the Beast’s way of thinking – and the Beast hates Israel. I don’t. I love Israel and the Jewish people. This love came when I got saved, because whoever is born of God cannot hate and fight against what God loves.

At the end of “The Jews – Heroes of Eternity” you can read about the final epoch in the history of time:

“One final time, hatred will mount against the Jewish people. This time it will be more serious than ever. The leader who will act will do so with all of the gathered powers of darkness in one and the same person. It is the fullness of the beast who mercilessly makes a final desperate attempt to annihilate the people who, throughout all of their history, have refused to worship him and have always claimed that there is only one God. It is Satan himself who will make the fi­nal attempt to hinder the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies, those that say that the Messiah will break in and that a world order will be established in which love and truth are complete.

In that hour, when the false game of evil seems to have deceived the world and the solution to the “Jewish problem” once and for all seems to have reached its full conclusion, history will take a new turn one last time. The whole world will closely follow the Jews’ stubborn battle against the gathered international force that is sent against the Jewish people in Israel in order to set Jerusalem free in the name of peace. “You will see Me no more,” Jesus said to his beloved people, “till you say ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.’” On screens all over the world there will be reports of battles and of the world’s gathered troops standing on the hills outside of Jerusalem. When the final battle begins, synagogues all across the world will be filled with Jews. They know that now only one thing can save them, and that is the Messiah. Everywhere prayers about the coming of the Messiah will be heard, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Then it will happen. When the beast’s fury is at its peak, when the leaders of the world are most intoxicated with lust for Jerusalem, and when the anti-Semitic spirit of murder burns the strongest, God will raise up his final leader and savior. This time it won’t be Moses, or Queen Esther, or the journalist Herzl. Now the time and hour will have come when the earth is ripe. Across the whole world people will comprehend it, a deafening thunder that breaks forth into the realm of time—the sound of a bassoon that everyone can hear, the powers of the skies are shaken and the signs of the Son of Man will be visi­ble to all. In Jerusalem everything will culminate when the Messiah breaks into our dimension. Everyone will be able to see him when he breaks through the skies and plants his feet on the mount east of Jerusalem, on the Mount of Olives (see Matt. 24:29–31 and Is. 13:10).”

Good morning,