Good morning!

“I have told you this,” Jesus said, ”so that your joy may be complete.” What had he said? He had said that he no longer considers them servants, but friends, true friends, friends to share secrets with. There aren’t many of them, and there aren’t supposed to be, but they bring joy.

Last week was a long, busy week for me and now it’s Monday morning and it has rained all night. I’m hoping to get in an hour of golf today, and after that I still need to work on another chapter of my latest book.

Last Monday I spent a lot of time with Stefan Edefors. In several areas of life we are “close” friends, and it always makes us happy to spend time together.

Then I worked in Copenhagen from Thursday to Saturday. Friday was a great day. We got so much done and even had time for a long walk along Strøget in the sunshine, eating gelato. The close friendship we felt right then and there brought the kind of joy that so many people long for – everyone wants to know happiness.

I hadn’t spent time with my daughter Rebecka for awhile, so she spent the afternoon with me yesterday. It brings me joy to have my children around, even now that they are adults. Both she and Daniel have developed so much in the past year, and as their Dad it makes me proud. I am a father and a friend to both of them.

This type of friend – they are the ones you bring with you to Gethsemane. They are the ones you confide in. Jesus served the 5,000, laid hands on the 70, and taught the 12, but there were 3 in his inner circle, three whom he brought with him up to the Mount of Transfiguration and into Gethsemane, during his darkest hour.

Finally, in order to get friends you have to be a friend. Jesus has promised: “Give, and it will be given to you, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.” Be a generous friend, and you will receive many generous friends, which will bring more joy to your life!

Good morning,