Good Morning!

How are you? I hope you are doing well. This weekend our son Daniel has been visiting us. He is 28 years old, has a rapidly growing computer company, and lives 6 hours by car from me and Carina. Even though he is an adult today, still, in some way, to me and Carina he will always be our kid! I have a brother in the Lord who will be turning 98 soon. There are moments when he is with his son, who is 63 now, when the voice he uses with his 63 year-old is the same as if his son had still been a kid.

It is the same way with God. We are his children and we can come to him as children, but at the same time he expects us to grow up and take responsibility as adults in the Kingdom of God.


This week I leave for Africa. We have a MEGA crusade in the city of Kabwe. Kabwe is the most polluted slum in the world. In the 1900’s England started mining in the area and they moved in smaller tribes from other areas of Zambia because they needed a workforce for their expanding mining industry. Then in the 1970’s it was all over: the mines shut down and all that remained was the people, along with the poison from the mines.

It’s a devastating place. It’s hard for us in the western world to understand: There is simply no money! They have to trade using what they have: Potatoes for some eggs, a chicken for a package of grain. The people have nowhere to go. The pastors are not surviving because no one can tithe, since no one has any money. So what we have done is to support several pastors so that the churches won’t die out. Christ is their only hope.

One of the main roads passes through this slum, and many young girls are selling sex – for next to nothing – because when you hardly have anything then a small coin can make a big difference. I’m really suffering with the people in Kabwe.

Please keep us in your prayers this coming weekend. During our last crusade in June, the bar owners had to shut down their bars and the pimps complained because the prostitutes were getting saved. Pray that Jesus will touch this place in the same way. Pray that he will heal all these wounded young girls.

The gospel is the good news and it’s still news because it’s happening all over again. That’s why it can still can be a good morning – because the gospel is still at work!

Good Morning!

Yours sincerely,