When you pray, you can balance out the negative flow of information that all of us are exposed to in our everyday lives. Part of my prayer time is devoted to reminding myself of who I am in Christ. I proclaim it, I see it in my mind’s eye, and I let myself feel what it is like to be who I am in Christ. When time stands still and I am in the presence of God, that is when I become who I really am. I feel, think and experience the new creation. When I am in prayer, then I am completely healthy, calm, rested and balanced. I see myself weighing my optimal weight, solving problems, filled with the Spirit, having the victory, being successful, being blessed and feeling great. Do you understand what I mean? I pray, I re-focus, I bring my thoughts back if they start to wander, until I am with God in prayer and become who I truly am. When you finish with your prayer time, you go right back into the daily grind, but by then you have balanced yourself out, washed away some of the negative information you received the day before, and your self-image has been repaired. This is not something that makes you cocky, but quite the opposite. There, together with God, you truly forgive and love everyone and want the best for them. The best thing about this is that this “secret” place is in the Spirit, which means that you can visit it whenever you want to, wherever you want to.

Good morning,