…One difference regarding rock music in particular is that many of the musicians openly talk about their spiritual experiences. Maybe it’s because musicians essentially are psalmists; they have a gift of worshipping God through music. It’s been said that Elvis Presley once “heard the voice from the other side,” that God was calling on him, but he said no. John Lennon smiled and claimed that he was more popular than Jesus, and The Beatles pursued Eastern religions and drugs. The openly satanic cult leader Charles Manson was connected to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and in 1969 he orchestrated the brutal ritualistic murder of Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate. On her stomach his followers carved one of the song titles of The Beatles. Roman Polanski had just finished directing the movie Rosemary’s Baby, where Satan is born into the world. One of the people in the movie was Anton LaVey, who back then was the high priest of the Satanic church in Los Angeles. In the 1980’s there were rock bands who openly spoke about their Satanic orientation, bands like Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Megadeath and Mötley Crue. In the 21st century Marilyn Manson had his breakthrough and in one of his albums, Antichrist Superstar, he sings “rather king in hell than servant in heaven.”

They are meeting a need, a spiritual thirst

Have you ever considered that rock music meets many of our human needs? One of these is the human longing for spiritual experiences. Of course most concerts, no matter which music genre, are just musical performances, but when a show gets really “good,” then sometimes it’s as if something else is taking over. The concert goes from being an ordinary gig to a spiritual experience. Several famous singers openly admit that when a special atmosphere is there, “it’s like something is taking over.” Precisely this “something” that is “taking over” can be dangerous. Sometimes we fool ourselves and look for Satanic symbols or lyrics. But believe me, several of the bands whose appearances would scare anyone don’t even have any spiritual presence at all; they’re just pathetic. But there are bands and musicians – in all kinds of genres – who “mesmerize” their audiences without needing to dress up, because the power is not in their accessories, it’s in the atmosphere, in the spiritual dimension.

One such classic rock band is Mötley Crue. No would would have guessed they were Satanists. Well, one night I got to meet all four members of the band! They were living inside of a girl who had recently been saved. For one hour we prayed her through to deliverance from the spirits of those band members. Every time she tried to speak the name Jesus, the voices screamed out a loud “Nooo!!!!” The next day she said that she had always had a spiritual longing, and she tried to fill this longing through different rituals where she invited demons into her life. In the beginning they helped her when she had problems, but gradually they took over her life. She, like so many others, didn’t realize that the help she received had a price.

He is in every culture

What I want to point out with the examples from the marketplace and the music industry is that Satan has developed a diversity of sorcery that meets the human need for spirituality, no matter what part of the world or whatever culture or layer of society humans belong to. Satan is in religion, the financial industry, music, art, schools, politics, sports and even – in some unique cases – in Christianity. Satan provides humans with deceitful spirituality and leads them away from God.

The western world has believed that materialism is the answer to the needs of the human being. But when humans are full, when their thirst has been satisfied and their physical needs have been met, still the phantom pain in them will intuitively seek contact with the spiritual world. If there’s no one around to lead them on the right path, they will always, over and over again, dance around the golden calf. And Satan will be there in different forms to satisfy the need. “No demands,” he says. “You are like gods, let me give you spiritual power.” To quote Marilyn Manson, the Satanist, again: “Rather king in hell than servant in heaven.” If only people could understand how right Manson is, because hell is what we’ll get…

-from the book “The Invisible Dimension” by Tommy Lilja