Receive a monthly letter from Tommy

Every month, Tommy writes a personal letter in which he shares his life and most importantly prays for a unique word from God – just for you.

The overwhelming feedback we get is that Tommy’s letters have the same impact as when you are listening to a sermon.

You know, people hearing the same preaching can feel like the message is speaking right to them in a unique way. That is what makes Tommy’s letters special.

Every month, people tell Tommy how much these letters have meant to them.

Some people have even said that they wouldn’t be able to keep going or make it through difficult circumstances without the encouragement they receive in these letters. Others report back on how they’ve taken new steps because God spoke to them through Tommy’s letters.

Tommy would love to send a personal letter to you as well!

Send Tommy your address below, and you will begin to receive his monthly encouragement in your mailbox starting this month.

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