Good morning!

When I was in school, my teachers didn’t see any possibilities in me – only impossibilities. Maybe that’s the way it is for you too, sometimes? But the image that others have of you doesn’t have to be God’s image of you. The school saw me as impossible, but God saw possibilities. The school saw resistance, but God saw something else. It is important that you don’t lose your faith in God and in the possibilities he has placed within you. No matter how old you are, where you live or what you’ve done, you are a possibility for God!

Your own mother might not even see what God has placed inside of you. What we do today is a fruit of what many people are doing together, but it is God who saw all of us first!

No one saw David – not his brothers, not even his father! No one understood why he played the harp when he was watching the sheep. No one could understand David – except for God. David was different. He was a man after God’s heart. You are after God’s heart.

When David had to flee and live in the desert for several years, he never stopped playing, he never stopped dancing, no one could take from him what he had in God. Maybe you have people around you who think that you should sell your harp, give up your dream, stop being different, but the people who are after God’s heart are different. We are different!

Dare to be different. That harp was all wrong for the sheep – why play for the sheep? But if David hadn’t played his harp then and there, then he never would have been invited to the temple to play for the king. Dare, dare, dare, dare to be different! Noah wasn’t like all the others! Abraham distinguished himself from all the rest! Joshua and Caleb broke out from the crowd. John the Baptist was extreme, Peter was unique and Paul was not like anyone else. They were different and they dared to be different.

It’s not an impossibility that you are different! Maybe that is the very reason you are a possibility in God’s eyes!

Good morning,