Look at the message I received this morning: “When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia I received your personal letter and a prayer cloth. Now she is healed!”

From a big answer to prayer to a little answer to prayer: On Saturday, Karin and I went on a walk and the sun was shining. But after only 15 minutes it started pouring down rain. We took cover and I prayed, “Lord, send a car within two minutes!” A car drove up, and I didn’t know the man driving, but he smiled and waved! Coincidence? Well…after our clothes dried and the sun came out again, we took another walk, and we had been walking for an hour when the rains came pouring down again. We took cover under a bridge and I prayed, “Lord, send a car – now!” After only 30 seconds, a car drove up, the driver lowered his window and asked us if we needed a ride, and we got the chance to have a great conversation with a young man.

The report about the child above who was healed from leukemia is incredible, and I wish with all my heart that it would happen every time.

But you can start in the small things, and live in faith for all areas of your life. Make believing faith your lifestyle! Have faith for even the tiniest of things, like not wanting to get wet in the rain…and when God sends a car, well…then your faith will grow!