Good morning!

Today I am a bit worn out after a long Easter conference. But I woke up early as usual, since I always start every morning with several hours in prayer. It is the day after Easter and we have a lot to do. We have to record several TV programs today and I still need to write the scripts. But I will also spend time on the golf course in the morning and an hour at the gym in the afternoon. Take care of your body! It’s the temple of the Holy Spirit.

So how are you doing? I hope that you are doing well. Life is what it is, and life contains both sunshine and rain. The difference between you and others is Jesus, and whoever you are and whatever your life looks like, it ain’t over yet! I had a message prepared for the Easter service yesterday, but an hour before the meeting began the Lord changed the entire message, and I believe that it’s a word for you today too: “It ain’t over yet!” There is a blood that is speaking a better word for you, and it doesn’t give up! Also:

There is a dimension that is watching and listening. It can feel the power in the name and the blood of Jesus, and we aren’t ashamed!

It’s true that we need to be coached, we need to be motivated, but the only thing that can release you from sin and the powers of darkness is the name of Jesus and the power in his blood. Religion can’t help you, it just tells you what you have to do; like Cain – he was religion. The saints, burning incense, roaming the desert, none of those things will help. Attending mass won’t do it for you. The monks in the wilderness don’t have the answers. No matter how well you keep the commandments, they won’t get you there. Orthodoxy and mysticism will lead you astray. Only grace can do it, the grace that is found in the name of Jesus and in his blood. And his blood is speaking a word to you today:

It is Monday morning, a new week lies ahead of you, but no matter what is happening in your life right now: It ain’t over yet!

In love,


It ain't over yet!

It ain’t over yet!