Good Morning!
How are you? Today I’m writing to you from a very special place. I got back home on Tuesday of last week, and then on Thursday morning at 3 a.m. I left home along with my wife and daughter Rebecka (25) for Malta. I don’t know if you know about Malta; it’s an island southwest of Italy, known for its climate and for being the place where Paul ended up after being shipwrecked. It was here the snake bit him. Paul didn’t die, but the snake did!

There is a message in that. You I should be like hot stoves. If a fly lands on a hot stove, it will never do so again. If demons come close to us, they should have to run away because of the fire burning inside of our lives. Whether it’s a virus, bacteria, malaria, snakes or whatever it could be, we will not die but the virus will.

My wife has been under a serious attack since last summer. Booking a trip to Malta went against common sense, but now we are here. I think it’s very important to not give up but to fight back. Storms are coming, but we are standing on the word of God, fighting back. Sooner or later the storm will pass over, while you and I will still be standing tall.

Today I’m feeling a bit sunburned. You know, I have the kind of skin that is sensitive to too much sun. So now I’m under a parasol working on my next book: The land in-between is not your land.

I have two favorite restaurants here in Malta. One is the Blue Elephant, a first class Thai restaurant. Some of the dishes are too spicy for me, but they do have some dishes where the balance between too spicy and a special Thai spice with coconut milk is just perfect. The other restaurant is Buffalo Bill, where we’ll be eating tonight. It’s a steakhouse, and tonight I will a have big, juicy Angus steak. When you have lived on fries and omelets for a week in the African bush, then you thank God for fancy restaurants!

Ok, now I will continue working on the next chapter of my new book. You know, you might have been transformed into a swan but are still thinking like a duck! Many Christians are that way. Don’t be a duck … It’s extremely important that you not get stuck in the land in-between; that you keep on moving. One of the things I teach the most is who you are in Christ and how the new creation should think. Because if you are still thinking like a duck, then it will be of no help in this life that you’ve been transformed into a swan.

Have a great day,
Yours sincerely,
Pastor Tommy