Good morning!

How are you? I’m still in Malta, you know the island Paul was shipwrecked on when the snake bit him. Our flight back was supposed to be on Thursday last week. But I’m still here! Sometimes things happen and we can’t explain why.

Last Monday Carina started to feel very weak. Her physical condition worsened and she got short of breath just walking from the hotel bed to the bathroom. We prayed, but nothing helped. On Wednesday she was so weak she could hardly make it to breakfast, so we got her a wheelchair. Since we were going back on Thursday anyway, Carina said we could wait until we came home to contact the doctor.

Now, there is a great guy in the hotel lounge named John. I’ve known him for a long time and stayed at this hotel a number of times. He insisted on calling for the hotel doctor. You know, Carina and I are believers – we don’t call the doctor, we believe! But sometimes your weakness is hidden in the shadow of your strength.

Because of John, the doctor came at noon and sent Carina by ambulance directly to the emergency room. They put her on oxygen, took X-rays and tested some blood samples. The diagnosis was clots in her lungs. She had a pulmonary embolism. If she had been on the flight the following day she would have died! Clots in the lungs are precursors to a heart attack.

The doctors have taken really good care of Carina, and she has started to recover. Her breathing still isn’t back to normal and the oxygen level in her lungs is still at 91% and should be 98%. She has to get back up to 95% before getting on an airplane. But her blood pressure is back to normal and her pulse is coming down.

If it wasn’t for God, I would have been a widower today. If it wasn’t for God, I would never have asked for a wheelchair. This wonderful man John, who manages the lounge and takes care of every guest, is a hero. If it wasn’t for God, he would never have insisted on calling a doctor.

But how could this happen? I’m a healing evangelist! Two weekends ago a guy stood up from a wheelchair, blind eyes were opened, deaf people started to hear, so many people got healed and thousands of demons were cast out.

Well, Paul cried out to God to remove the thorn from Satan, but God said: ”My grace is sufficient for thee”. I believe that sicknesses are from Satan. Things are happening that we can’t explain. You can try, but one way or the other the explanations fall short. God is too big to always be understood. You just have to trust him – since you can’t understand him because he is just too awesome.

Too many people get stuck focusing on why. Don’t, because you may never find the answer. Instead, in a situation like this, be thankful, because the fact is that if it was not for God …

To have Carina hospitalized is not fun at all, but I’m very thankful that she is at the hospital, compared to what could have happened. Now we hope to get back one week later than scheduled. And it could have been so much worse. My heart goes out to all those people in the slums around the world who are facing the same situation. They have no private hospital to turn to. My God, I pray: help them.

Good morning
Yours sincerely
Pastor Tommy