Good morning!
How are you today? Maybe today is the day for you to take the next step in your life? “But Pastor Tommy,” you reply, “I’m waiting for God!” Yeah, but sometimes God is waiting for you. When Moses stood on the shore of the river Nile, he waited for God and told all the people to stand still and wait for God. The problem was that God was waiting for Moses! Moses promised the people that God would do something, and that’s when God spoke to Moses, saying:

”Why are you standing there shouting at me?”
”Well,” Moses said, ”you have to do something here. Can’t you see that Pharaoh and his soldiers are closing in on us?”
You do something,” God replied to Moses.
”But what?” Moses asked.
”Well,” God said, ”what do you have in your hand?”
”A stick,” Moses replied.
”Use it!” God answered.

Can you see the situation: Moses waited for God – God waited for Moses.

Take the next step today. But what is the next step? It may be to leave your comfort zone. You want stay on your side of the fence, where you feel safe, but you may have to climb over the fence in order to make a change.

Stand up for who you are in Christ! You see, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. But if you stand for something, if you stand up for the Word of God, then you will stand even when the battle is raging.


Set a goal and do it today. Goals remain goals until you write them down on a piece of paper – then they become a vision. Before you have a vision you must have had an imagination.

It’s time to adjust your comfort zone and step into your purpose. Stand up for something today. Stand up for Jesus.

As I told you in my previous blog posts, Carina and I have been walking through water and fire the last few months, and even though things have been difficult, we can see that standing up for Jesus – even when we endure hardships and even when we don’t understand God – makes us stronger when we are feeling weak.

Stand up for Jesus!
And have a great week,

Pastor Tommy