Good morning,

His words felt like a cold shower on a hot summer day. After having a wonderful conversation with a friend this past Saturday, I was about to wind down for the evening in front of the TV with a movie starring one of my favorite actors, Denzel Washington, when I spontaneously felt the urge to speak in tongues. I recognized my prayer language; it’s the one that comes when God is calling. I look forward to these spontaneous prayer times, but there’s a bit of dread that comes in too, because I know that God never calls if he doesn’t have something to say!

“If I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, then why do you speak the way you do and why do you act the way you do?”

The words echoed in my inner man. The words were obviously already truths to me, and the message was only about minor adjustments, not about me being wrong. The message was the obvious truth that Jesus really is the Way, the Truth and the Life in my life, if he is my door into the kingdom of God, if he is my Shepherd, then why am I not calling him, you know, just a short phone call, to take a moment to sense it in the Holy Spirit before I talk too much or make decisions too quickly. Then I would not have to change things afterwards like I do so many times. Well, Jesus was asking me a rhetorical question, and I was the one who answered it.

phoneOf course I believe I am on the right path, but sometimes the trip gets slowed down for no good reason; I got off on the wrong exit and it takes awhile to get back onto the highway again, or I lose traction and slide into the ditch and the Lord has to send a tow truck at times. It’s like when you’re driving really fast: that’s when it is especially important to keep your eyes on the road. You can’t be having an intense discussion with someone else in the car, sending texts or adjusting the radio. Your focus has to be on the road.

Things are moving quickly now…The day of the Lord is near and maybe you are one of the chosen whom the Lord has given a special assignment for a time such as this. The pace is really moving these days, and it is an important ride; you are driving fast but the errand you are on is not your own but the Lord’s. So don’t lose focus. Fix your eyes on Jesus – the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Paul certainly did drive fast. I am preaching on that right now. He was “under great pressure far beyond his ability to endure,” but there was one reason he was able to stay on the road – he never lost focus on Jesus.

Good morning,