My thoughts continue to dwell mostly on my beloved wife, Carina, who passed away just over 3 weeks ago. She was not only an important, irreplaceable part of my life, but she was also a vital part of the ministry we started together. One thing that comes to mind so strongly when I think about the role she had in what we were doing for the Kingdom was the passion she had to care for orphaned children. Carina’s heart for those that Jesus calls “the least of these” is what has been the driving force behind what Tommy Lilja Ministries has been doing through our children’s homes in Israel, Ethiopia and Nepal. From the beginning our ministry has had a large vision for reaching millions of people with the gospel, both through our huge outreach meetings and TV broadcasts in many parts of the world. But it was always so important to Carina that one of the pillars that our ministry stands on should be generous provision and excellent, well-rounded care for orphaned children around the world.

Carina loved children. Her whole face lit up when she got the chance to play with kids in children’s church or at the orphanages she visited. So this post is to the memory of the precious heart that Carina always had for children. Her love for children set a lasting example that will now serve as a source of inspiration for our ministry to continue to rescue children from the streets and place them in orphan homes where their physical and spiritual needs are being met.

Some of the precious orphans we sponsor at

Hanna Orphans Home in Ethiopia