Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus.

Carina and I have just returned from an incredible week in Israel, where we have been guiding a group of Christians on a pilgrim tour. It was an unforgettable journey for everyone, even those of us who have visited the Holy Land many times!

As I was preparing to write to you this morning, the Holy Spirit spoke clearly with the greeting and encouragement that “The Lord needs you.” For what, you might be wondering. I don’t know! But everything that Jesus does is part of a partnership, something we do together. There is a big picture, a perspective that only Jesus sees. When Jesus was on his way into Jerusalem, he sent someone for a donkey. He could have chosen a chariot of fire like Elijah had, or he could have had angels escort him in. But “he needed a donkey”!

It is remarkable to realize that God, who created heaven and earth, could need something. Many times you and I think that it is we who need Him. But what a lot of brothers and sisters in the Lord don’t think about is that even Jesus has needs: He needs you! What you do “matters.” You are important in God’s kingdom and Jesus is counting on you. He, Jesus, needs you. Isn’t that wonderful?!