Good morning!

How are you today? I hope to find you alive and kicking. You know, God loves you and he has a wonderful plan for your life. Spring is on its way, the days are getting a little bit brighter and life is starting to feel easier.

Have you ever had an emergency? I’ve starting writing a new book and I want to share a few paragraphs from the second chapter with you. As you know, in my own life, I have not only been trapped in the corner of the ring, but I’ve even been down on the mat at the count of 9. But God has a way of helping us stand back up on our feet again, even though it does take time. Although my wounds still haven’t healed after Carina went to be with Jesus, I know that God is doing what he can to help me – and he does the same for you.

The new book that I am working on will be different. I have written a book about faith before, but every time you make it through a storm in your life, there will be a new depth to your maturity in understanding the ways of God.

When you are in the midst of an emergency and you have run out of options, the rules go out the window. When your wife is in labor in the back seat of your car, you won’t be stopping at red lights! If you are having an emergency, you will break the rules in order to save what can be saved. When your marriage is one step from divorce, then you are in an emergency situation. You’ll do whatever it takes to put back together what has fallen apart. All your pride is gone, you are there on your knees, you are looking anywhere for a glimpse of light, crying out to God that the faith you have in him will carry you and your spouse through this crisis. You are prepared to do anything it takes to save your marriage.

It’s under conditions like these that believing faith develops. The warships that brought you to the battle have been set on fire, the enemy is right there in front you, there is no way out, no escape route, and you either win or you die. You just have to believe it is possible or else it will all be over.

The devil thinks he has you backed up into a corner, that it’s too late to get out, but I am writing to you today to tell you that the devil is a liar. You may be having an emergency right now, but for every emergency there is a miracle. The devil has told you that it’s all over: whether it’s your health or your marriage, whether he’s kept you from a promotion or kept you from getting into a certain school. The odds are against you and the rules keep fighting you. It might look like it’s never your turn, you’re never next in line to get the job, or to be blessed, but my God is prepared to step over all the others just to reach you. He has a miracle for you.

boxing-ring-spotlit-dark-allan-swartI’m not going to hold anything back as I write to you today. Life is life and it can be ugly, dirty and unfair, even when you have devoted your life to Jesus. God told me to tell you today that you are more than a conqueror, you are a survivor. You may have been feeling like you are down and out on the count of 9, but today it’s time to get out of that corner and stand back up on your feet again. God has a comeback prepared for you!

Good morning!