Good morning, how are you today? I’m in Zambia, and we will leave here to head home at 11:30 am. I have a long ride home via Johannesburg, South Africa. I flew in Thursday at noon, and the first meeting on Thursday evening took my breath away. There may have been around 30,000 people at the first meeting, which is quite high because usually that number doubles each evening. Jesus truly filled that place.

One guy in his thirties told us that a witch cast a spell on him 5 years ago. Since then he has been completely deaf. But during the first night of the crusade the power of Jesus broke the curse. One woman was driven and carried by her husband to the crusade. She had been paralyzed for many years, but she was dancing after she got healed by Jesus.

Jesus has visited this big, very poor slum and completely vacuumed up the demons from this area. The pub owners have complained to the pastors because they have had to shut down their pubs: “Ever since the man of God came on Thursday, we have no customers.” This is revival! And every time the Holy Spirit told me to bind demons of witchcraft and sexual abuse, a number of demons manifested.

One woman started to have supernatural powers when the demons manifested, and 7 men couldn’t hold her. She escaped the delivery tent, ran up on stage and said: “Help me.” When I laid hands on her, the demons came back, she spat me in the face, and several men had to hold her. The Lord gave me a word and the demons came out. When we left, she was waiting by the car, restored with a nice smile.

Sometimes the devil thinks he has you backed into a corner. But I want to tell you, the devil is a liar. It may be an emergency, and maybe the devil has told you that it’s all over, your health or your marriage, maybe he said he would lock you out of the promotion or kick you out of school. Maybe the rules are against you, maybe the odds are against you. Maybe it looks like it’s not your turn, or you’re not in line to get the job or to be blessed, but I’m talking about miracles this morning and in the same way that God shut the pubs down and set the prostitutes free from demons in Zambia this weekend, God is prepared to step over others to reach and help you.

The first night at the crusade I preached about the woman with a flow of blood, from Mark 5. I’m drawn to her because she refused to die, refused to give up. She said: “I’m broke but I’m coming out of it, I’m sick but I’m coming out of it, I’m in a hopeless situation but I’m coming out of it.”

And this a word from God to you today: For every emergency there is a miracle. He has been waiting for you to do what this woman did, to get others out of your way, to break the rules if necessary like she did, to press forward to get your miracle. Get close to Jesus so you can touch him. Press through the crowd. When you touch Jesus with your problems, when you’re desperate enough, when it’s an emergency … If you and I are not dependent on touching Jesus every day, then we are on our way to becoming lukewarm.

There is a theme in the Gospels that is clear even if we don’t always see it: Jesus highlights the hungry, those who have an emergency, those who are prepared to do crazy things just to be close to Him … Let us never ever lose this crazy love for Jesus. I need Him and you need Him every day. I tell you, if Jesus were to show up, I would forget all my manners and sprint to go stand first in line!

Good morning,
Yours sincerely,
Pastor Tommy