A new Center in UAE that will elevate everyone who touches the vision.

How are you? I’m Pastor Tommy, the ​F​ounder and ​L​eader of Tommy Lilja Ministries. ​For ​the past ​30 years, I have lived a life of traveling ​to the nations​, planting ​churches, starting up Bible Schools, establish​ing​ organizations, training leaders, writing books and producing TV-programs.

One of the keys to every ​endeavor​ is to work together as brothers and sisters. You will never grow bigger than the people around you. That’s why I want to invite you to share the ​V​ision God has given me:

“To raise up a Center in UAE that will elevate everyone who touches the vision. And from UAE, reach out to all the ​N​ations and the ​E​thnic groups ​present today ​in the UAE”.

 God wants to develop ​every aspect of ​who you are! He cares about​ your spiritual life,​ your body, ​your​ health, ​you​r family, ​your​ finances ​and career. We ​are ​talking about ​an​ overflow in every area of ​your​ life!

The Tommy Lilja ​E​levation ​C​enter will push everything you are beyond limits and release you and the ​Elevation C​enter to touch the ​whole ​world. That is why you are so important, because you can take ​what God gives you at our Center back to where you once came from.

We will train you in the ministry of God, but ​also help you to get ​trained in your profession. We are planning for secular leadership courses that will elevate your career in the business field and we will listen to the different demands you have and push for training in those areas ​– ​some with certificate​, others with degrees.

What you give yourself to, will give itself to you. When you give yourself to the Elevation Vision, the vision will give itself back to you!

 The ​current ​Covid-19 situation is an opportunity to plan, prepare and pray. I know some of you may be in a tough situation because ​of ​the lockdown, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as the Covid-19 ​restrictions ​are lifted, I’m planning to meet you live, at our launching conference in UAE. But until then, beginning in June, ​I ​will start to teach and train from a distance. More information is on its way​. We will also start to form teams ​so that we will ​be ready once we can go live in UAE.

There is destiny upon your life!

In the love of Jesus Christ​,
Apostle Pastor Tommy