Good morning! I truly hope that you are doing well and that you are looking forward to a wonderful week. This week is an exciting one for me, because there is a new door that seems to be opening for our ministry, and I am hoping with God’s wisdom and direction to step through it. And I am trusting that what is waiting on the other side is God’s best for 2016.

You know, when your goals are to seek fame or to make a name for yourself, or if you are concerned with maintaining a certain image, then you will never arrive at the best that God has for you. Let 2016 be the year that you put all else aside so that you can pursue the passion of your heart. Let the rhythm of your life follow the rhythm of the body of Christ.

When you were conceived, there was a rhythm placed inside of the very first cell. In fact, when the cells of your heart were formed, they were all programmed to have the same pace, the same tempo, and then when they came into contact with the warmth of your blood, they could all start to pump with the same pulse, the same rhythm.

It’s the same thing with the body of Christ. “Through the blood” you reach the body of Christ and the heart of Jesus. His heart has a pulse, and you can live your best life if it stays in sync with His pulse.

Are you in sync with yourself and with the heart of Jesus? It says in the Bible that “everything you do flows from your heart.” What you do doesn’t flow from what other people think, or from the ways and rules of the world. Allowing those things to determine your life will just put you in a cage. Then there’s no reaching the best God has for you.

It’s all about coming into contact with the body, teaming up with Jesus to get the job done, and teaming up with others who have the same pulse as you. If the others on your team never seem to be playing the same page of sheet music as you are, how do you think that will turn out? Best to just switch to another orchestra!

Follow your heart. Dare to do things the “wrong” way. Sometimes you have to do crazy things to find out whether you are in sync or not. Be honest. Be filled with love. I really do think that 2016 is your year! There is a door open into the spiritual dimension – go through it! What is waiting on the other side is the very best that God has for your life.

Good morning!