You have something that nobody can take from you!

Your dreams and visions are what give your life purpose. No one can steal your dreams from you, and the biggest vision of all is to help other people. That’s what gives your life its true meaning, and nobody can take away what you have done to help other people.

When I visit our children’s homes and meet the children I have helped – that gives my life purpose. When I meet the Jews in Israel that I have helped home, or get reports from the places where I have had crusades, telling me that the entire city has been transformed – then that gives true meaning to my life.

And I want to invite you to share the burdens but also the rewarding satisfaction of helping others.

Even if everything else is taken away from you, nobody can take away what you have done for your neighbor.

What I’m doing is for real, but I can’t do it alone! Rescuing children, broadcasting TV programs, conducting gospel crusades, providing humanitarian relief, writing books, financially supporting poor pastors, and helping Jews return to Israel, all of these things are happening because of your help.

Without you, none of this would be possible, because everything that Jesus does, he does through his body, the church. He does it through all of us together.

My aim and my desire is to continue to share my hope in Jesus with millions of others, in more ways than before and in new places, together with you.

Living to help others is what gives your life and my life purpose and meaning.

In Love,

Tommy Lilja

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