Help us fight the Covid-19

As Covid-19 continues to spread around the world, our work in the mission field has increased – and totally exploded!

At the same time, the cry for help grows even more intense. These places have no refrigerators or grocery stores. The meat and vegetable market where they used to buy groceries is closed, and in many places you can get shot if you leave your house. Here, we are having a huge impact – distributing food, healing the sick, and bringing Jesus to the poorest of the poor.

Because of all this, our costs have increased and exceeded our budget! We have just rescued young girls from being sold to brothels around the World, we are working undercover in the dictatorships of Asia, in places where, as recently, one of our pastors was chopped into pieces, and now the Jews in Ukraine are being blamed for Covid-19, and need protection until we can smuggle them home to Israel.

It has been said many times before, but your gift to our ministry is literally saving lives. Whether big or small, the most important thing is that you give in faith and in love, and then God will do the rest.

Once again,
Thank you for your donation
Pastor Tommy & Karen Lilja

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