There is gold in you!

Pastor Tommy & Karen believes that “gold” can be found in each and every one of you – it’s just a matter of digging it up! That’s why they are inviting you to their rescue mission, to help as many as possible to discover how wonderfully made they are!

During Tommy’s 30 years in ministry, he has seen it time after time: everyone has great potential. If the grain that’s planted is wheat – then wheat is what will sprout up. And since God has planted greatness in you – then greatness will sprout up! It’s just a matter of releasing it!

Pastor Tommy and Karen are working around the globe, preaching in MEGA crusades, planting churches, reaching the unreached, healing the sick, fighting poverty and rescuing young people from human trafficking. For them, you are like family, the family of Christ. And they would love to connect with you. That’s why they have developed a number of ways to communicate with you. And as God told Tommy some time ago: “In the vision I have given you, there are no losers – only winners!”

Feel the love that Tommy & Karen have for you – and welcome to become a part of the
family of Tommy Lilja Ministries.

How to connect:

Sign up for Tommy’s monthly letter, prepared in prayer and love. In a very honest way, Tommy is writing to you personally, with a prophetic touch, sharing his life and what God has put on his heart for just you. Tommy’s letters have helped and encouraged tens of thousands of readers.

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