Good morning,

As a new year stretches ahead of us, I’ve been thinking about how people who have the same goal and purpose in their lives end up finding each other sooner or later. “Destiny flocks together.” You aren’t strong when you’re on your own. God called us to live together with others in this world he created. Not only when things are going well for you, but even when things keep going against you. Do you know how penguins survive the frigid temperatures? The colder it gets, the closer they squeeze in close to each other.

penguins_flock_jump_ice_snow_antarctica_29382_2560x1024When the devil is raging, when the wolf is circling, then the sheep have to flock together. That was why Jesus left the 99; they would be okay as long as they stayed in their flock, but the lone sheep was an easy target. The wolf’s strategy is to divide them, to get the sheep to spread out, so that they will be easier targets.

In Isaiah 31:5 it says “as birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem. Defend, preserve you and deliver you.” “As birds flying,” – and how do birds fly? They fly in flocks! There is an inherent protection when we fly together like birds do. The Lord keeps us safe and sets us free.

But we also have to “flock” with the right people.

Do you flock with people who cause you to fail?

Do you flock with people who cast blame on you?

Do you flock in a church that doesn’t let you succeed?

Do you flock in a setting filled with jealousy?

Do you flock in a setting where everything has a façade?

Do you flock in a setting where no one is allowed to excel or stick out?

Penguins don’t survive alone, and you can’t either. One sheep can’t defeat the wolf alone, and you and I can’t either. But it is also important to flock in a setting where you are seen and affirmed, as well as challenged, cared for, and helped in polishing your rough edges.

Have you heard about the hairdresser who couldn’t afford rent, the nail designer who didn’t have enough customers and the foot therapist no one had heard of? Instead of paying 3 rents a month, all 3 rented one space together. So the foot therapist got free publicity, the nail designer got new customers and the hairdresser got lower rent.

I would love it if you flew together with me in 2017 – if you are headed toward the same goal as I am. Destiny flocks together. The devil is raging, but we resist him in Jesus’ name, and like penguins we are closing the ranks.

A door is standing wide open in 2017, leading you into new opportunities. Jesus taught the disciples to work in teams of two and in groups. When he died, the devil attacked the new church but he couldn’t succeed in defeating it. Why not? Because Jesus had taught them to “flock together.” You see, that’s why he summarized all of his teaching into one commandment – “Love each other as I have loved you.” When you and I love with that love, it’s no problem for us – like the penguins – to live very close to one another; that’s when we flock together.

Welcome into 2017! We have a destiny for the year ahead of us, and with love binding us together, and with Jesus as our Lord and leader, nothing can stop you or me, but we have to fly together and, like I said, I would love it if you would come fly with me!

Good morning,

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