How are you? I do hope you are feeling great. Maybe you are feeling just as great as the mother of Grace. I interviewed her on Saturday morning in Zambia so she could tell us about a very special occasion: Friday night at the crusade, when I prayed for the baptism in the Holy Spirit, her 10 year-old daughter, who was paralyzed in her legs and in her left arm – got healed! With a big smile, Grace’s mother told me that:

“This morning when Grace ate breakfast, she was using the same arm to pour tea and eat cornflakes that had been totally paralyzed yesterday!”

Grace's mother weeps for joy

It is with many feelings that I write to you today. I have left the jungle and the copper belt of Zambia and I am having breakfast at the hotel in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. My flight is this afternoon and I will depart via Johannesburg, South Africa. A crusade can be messy: tens of thousands of people attend every night and in some places thousands of demons are coming out. It’s a mystery. Even though I am there experiencing it, breaking spells, binding the demons and commanding them to come out, it’s still hard to grasp. Ushers who look just like anyone else can begin to manifest. Some nights it starts from the moment I take the microphone and then continues throughout the whole meeting. I have often asked myself: What would have happened to all these people if the evil power in them would have been allowed to stay? What would the demons have done with these victims’ lives? And – do we have the same situation in the Western world? If I were to set up a crusade in the US, in the middle of a downtown area, would the number of deliverances be similar to that of Zambia and Nepal? I don’t know.

But one thing I do know and that is: If it is with the finger of God we cast out the demons, then for sure the Kingdom of God is at hand!

There is an ocean between the slums of Zambia and my private garden at home, and every time I’m about to leave I ask myself what more I can do to help those in need. Not only in Zambia, but around the whole world. Jesus came to set the captives free and captivity can look different from country to country, from one culture to another.

Thank God, I’m not alone. We are the Body of Jesus Christ and we stand together, we battle together, we cry together and we celebrate together, so please celebrate with me this morning. Celebrate the harvest, the healings, the restoration and the deliverance that Jesus did this weekend.

Now THAT is a good morning!

Yours sincerely,