Good morning!
Have you ever felt like you’re stuck under a pile of trash bags, deep down at the bottom of a garbage truck? We all know that life can be heavy sometimes. But in the middle of that mess, in the middle of everything going against you and the problems you are facing, there is always something inside of you that can see farther than the mountain in front of you – it’s the light of your inner eye.

There was a very important reason to why Paul never gave up. Despite a shipwreck, prison, whippings, persecution, despite being abandoned, rejected, and blamed – still he could see using the light of his inner eye. He saw more than what his natural eye could see.

Paul was made blind for a short time, but then and there his inner eye was opened instead, and what he saw then is what he returns to when he teaches us how to get through the eye of the storm.
That is why Paul prays that the eyes of your heart will see the hope, the inheritance and the power. His prayer is that you will see what he saw on the road to Damascus. When you see and understand everything that is happening in life with only your physical eyes, then it is easy to lose hope. But when your inner eye can look into the spiritual dimension, then you understand things on a totally different level.

When life is making you feel like you are at the bottom of a garbage truck, when things are at their darkest, it is then and there that the light of your inner eye will give you hope and power. Then you know that even if all of hell is crashing over you, you will make it through. It is only a matter of time before you win again – and you will win bigtime!

Good morning,