Following Jesus with Tommy

Tommy Lilja Ministries is a non-profit charity working around the globe, conducting MEGA evangelistic campaigns, rescuing trafficking victims, bringing Jews back to Israel, working behind the lines in Muslim countries, helping abused orphans, supporting pastors and planting churches.

Today there are about 4000 tribes left to reach, and everything Tommy Lilja Ministries does revolves around the mission to reach every people with the Gospel of Jesus. And the strategy Jesus has given Pastor Tommy, is simple, but effective:

“We are preaching our way forward, step by step, in closed nations, remote areas and in hostile places, village by village, city by city, until we have reached the entire world.”

Preaching to the unpreached. Tommy is reaching a tribe in the heart of Africa.

Baptizing where no one has baptized before, here, Pastor Tommy is baptizing in the Himalayas.

Don’t despise the small beginnings

Pastor Tommy was born and raised in a secularised – working class family in a small city in Sweden. He left school early and was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps at the factory, when Jesus visited and called him personally in 1988. Tommy’s destiny changed and only a few years later he pastored his first church. Jesus gave him and his tiny church a heart for missions and God opened door after door. Not much later, the ministry had grown so much that they started Tommy Lilja Ministries.

Since then TLM has developed into an international organisation having offices around the globe and is a recognized non-profit charity in several countries, including the US as a 501(c)(3), as well as the UK and South Africa. Pastor Tommy has become a global voice in the Christian world, and a bestselling author of several books translated into many languages, as well as host for the very popular TV show “Following Jesus with Tommy”.

I’m committed to you

“It’s not just what we say, but what we do. The calling from Jesus is on both you and me, and I want you to know that when you come onboard, I will commit to you as family, as if you were in my church. I will pray for you and bring you with me when I’m baptizing in the Himalayas, reaching tribes in the rainforest, rescuing trafficking victims in Asia or bringing God’ people the Jews back home to Israel. The mission Jesus has given us can never grow greater than how much you and I do this together. And that is what TLM is, it’s a mission where thousands of people are joining hands to accomplish the mission of Jesus – and I want you to follow me as we are following Jesus!”

In Christ
Pastor Tommy

Every year Tommy preaches to millions live at TLM’s MEGA crusades. The number of salvations and miracles are tremendous.

Tommy and Karen visiting one of TLM’s centers for Victims of Human Trafficking and orphan street children.
Tommy Lilja Ministries is partnering up with many others, and Pastor Tommy is a globally sought-after speaker who makes a powerful impact with his messages of revelation.
Reaching further than others have been able to. Tommy on his way to land on a plateau in the Himalayas to reach an unreached village.
She had no other option but to take her own life, but today she is happy, saved, and has a future with the help of Jesus and TLM. Helping victims of Human Trafficking is part of TLM’s mission.
When the boy came to the crusade he was deaf and mute. On the first night Jesus opened his ears and on the second night he spoke for first time in his life.
Since 1996, Tommy’s Operation Great Exodus has helped more than 20,000 Jews back home to Israel and TLM is a part what God is doing in the Middle East through relief work and children homes.

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