Good morning, how are you? I just love Monday mornings, because I have the whole week ahead of me. This week I’m on my way to Zambia, and on my English Facebook page “Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International” you will be able to follow the crusade each day, starting on Thursday night.

I had a great trip to Israel last week, even though it was quick. I arrived on Monday, filmed in Jerusalem on Tuesday, and went back home on Wednesday. Daystar Television has a great studio in Jerusalem, with a panorama view of Mount Zion, the Temple Mount, and the Mount of Olives, with the valley of Gehenna in the foreground.

The first time Carina and I went to Israel was in 1996, and ever since then we have continued coming back. As you know, we have helped more than 20,000 Jews back home to Israel, we have a special orphanage in Israel, and we are a part of the revival there as well. Carina should have been with me on this trip, but she got sick last summer and has still not recovered.

Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen. We just have to trust God. In the past 12 months I have prayed for thousands of people for healing, and they have been healed. Some of them had been suffering from major illnesses, and many had been sick for years. It really is a mystery to me why my own wife doesn’t get healed. On Thursday evening my wife and I, and our daughter Rebecka, gathered for prayer for Carina’s healing. My wife needs a miracle now.

What about you? Life with God is not only sunshine. Storms will come. Jesus didn’t promise us a life without storms; he promised that he would help us survive the storms. It’s very important that you build your life upon the rock, and not just when the storm is coming! Many believers are like that. They don’t take care of their house, and then when the storm comes, they do whatever they can to set up everything on the rock. But that is risky, because some storms come unexpectedly.

Carina has had a tough year – very tough – but she is still standing tall. Many others would have given up. But the reason that she is still standing is not because she is better or stronger than anyone else, but because she has built her house upon the Rock. For years she has been working on her house, removing the sand, so that her whole life will be established in Christ. And all the time she has spent preparing is helping her today.

Please pray for her.

The devil is a mean devil. But next weekend thousands of people will be saved, delivered, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and healed.
Well, now it is time for me to have my favorite morning breakfast together with my favorite person, my dear wife Carina.

Good morning to you, and best regards in Jesus Christ!